Boeing 777 Diagonal Brace Prototype: 

  • Specimen bearing, thermal cycling tests (2000 cycles) 
  • Impact 'screening' tests (to find visible damage threshold)
  • Full-scale prototype with visible damage:
  • 42,000 fatigue cycles
  • Static and stiffness measured between each test
  • Ultimate compression
  • Ultimate tension
  • Static tension to failure at approximately 3,500 kN (800,000 lbs)

Boeing 787 Diagonal Brace:

  • Qualified in 2008-2010
  • Impact screening, compression after impact, full scale static with impact damage and manufacturing defects, and 3 lifetimes cyclic testing, rough flight testing and rough landing testing.
  • Several million load points running 24-7 over a 3 month period
  • Involved 80+ strain gauges, several lvdt's and 8,900 kN (2000 kip) load cell.

Qualification Tests on Aircraft Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

  • All Testing in Accordance with RTCA DO-204 and DO-160
  • Tests included:  shock, vibration, humidity, salt spray, salt water immersion, altitude, rapid decompression and overpressure.
  • Testing of lithium battery packs contained within the ELT’s to RTCA DO-227 and DO-160
  • Tests included: shock, vibration, thermal cycling, humidity, altitude and decompression, bench tests and abuse tests.

Acceleration Testing of high voltage power supplies for an aircraft radar system

  • Tests carried out at an off-site centrifuge facility
  • Tested in 6 directions as per RTCA DO-160


Tensile testing of coupons at high and low temperatures.  Three materials tested using coupons previously exposed to 1000 hrs UV accelerated weathering tests and 10 humidity tests.

Settling Dust Test of Antenna

Material Tests