Our laboratory can perform many of the common corrosion tests and help pin-point potential corrosion problems with your product.

Corrosion has been the downfall of many otherwise excellent products. We perform a variety of tests on paint samples, as well as complete products.

Salt Fog (ASTM B117, MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO 160D)

  • Large chamber size, 2.36 x 1.18 x 1.57 m high (6 ft x 3 ft x 4 ft high)
salt fog corrosion testing

Immersion (RTCA DO-160):

  • Natural or simulated seawater, industrial chemicals, etc …
  • Fluid Susceptibility per RTCA DO-160, etc Natural Exposure

Accelerated Weathering (ASTM G53):

  • Fluorescent UV / Condensation cycle (QUV) As per ASTM G53, etc
  • Choice of several lamp types including UVA (351 or 340 nm peak), UVB (313 nm peak)
  • Up to 51 panels with dimensions of 10 x 20 cm (3 in x 6 in) at once

Prohesion (ASTM G85/A5):

  • Cyclic, Dilute Electrolyte Test as per ASTM G85/A5
  • Chamber size 1.18 x 0.79 x 0.98 m (3 ft x 2 ft x 2.5 ft)